Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO

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Hey folks, I am participating in a Fat Bike race in Crested Butte Colorado this winter (which actually takes place on my birthday!), and it is ran by one of the more awesome trail advocacy organizations in the state. They do a really good job, and I'm using my tiny racing platform to try and bring some love their way. Read a quick blurb about them below.

CBMBA’s Mission is to build, maintain, and advocate for sustainable trails and to conserve the landscape of Crested Butte and beyond. CBMBA works to balance recreation with conservation, minimizing the environmental impacts of trails when possible. CBMBA believes that recreation engenders authentic connections to the environment and seeks to use recreation as a tool for environmental awareness. Your donation goes to continue providing awesome trail experiences!

My Contributors

Kate Coffman $16.28
Darren W Standiford $10.64