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Crested Butte, CO


Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA)

CBMBA’s Mission is to build, maintain, and advocate for sustainable trails and to conserve the landscape of Crested Butte and beyond. CBMBA works to balance recreation with conservation, minimizing the environmental impacts of trails when possible. CBMBA believes that recreation engenders authentic connections to the environment and seeks to use recreation as a tool for environmental awareness.

The Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association was established in 1983, and is the oldest mountain bike club in the world! We build and maintain over 450 miles of trails in the Gunnison Valley, and have a lot of fun in the process! While our greatest love will always be building and advocating for bike trails, we felt the need to respond to the impacts of increased visitor numbers in the north end of the Gunnison Valley. More people have led to more trash, more braided trails, more piles of TP and poo, more driving over wildflowers, and more need for a positive presence to help mitigate these impacts. Thus, the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC) was born! The CBCC helps maintain trails, mitigate erosion, fix drainage issues, clear deadfall, pick up trash and TP, direct trailhead parking during busy weekends, and is out there six days a week May-October improving the backcountry for locals and visitors alike. The CBCC works on ALL trails for ALL users—from Wilderness trails to non-motorized singletrack to motorized singletrack—hikers, bikers, equestrians, runners, and dirt bikers all benefit from the work we do. CBMBA is the umbrella nonprofit that administers the CBCC and coordinates their work with our partners.

Donations to CBMBA go toward:

  • Funding the full-time trail and stewardship crew, the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC)
  • Tools!
  • Materials (culvert, road base, fabric, etc.)
  • Rollovers, walkovers, and bridges
  • Commercial insurance, workers compensation, and administrative needs
  • Trail planning and development (permitting, routing, mitigating impact on water)
  • Long term Planning with government entities (US Forest Service, Town of Crested Butte, Town of Mt. Crested Butte, City of Gunnison, Gunnison County, BLM)
  • Setting up volunteer work-days to put in new trails (facilities, permitting, planning, promoting)

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